Bliss Sessions

30 Minutes of Mindfulness



 To be fully engaged in a non-judgmental way in the present moment.

You do this by being aware of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the environment around you.

Focusing on the present moment is helpful because anxieties and sadness often occur when we dwell on something that happened in the past or worry about something that might happen in the future.

Mindfulness enables you to pay attention to what’s happening in the here and now

(i.e. sensations, thoughts, and emotions) in a non-judgemental way. classes are available weekly through 30-minute drop-in sessions

Evidence-Based Results

Practicing mindfulness can serve as the perfect antidote/medicine to overcoming stress, anxiety, frustration, and anger that can sometimes undermine our health, performance, and quality of life.

Each time you practice mindfulness you practice not reacting to situations that may causes stress. A healthy mindset means you can handle stressful situations without becoming stressed.

According to recent research, regular practice of mindfulness can rewire the circuitry of your brain and help you learn and remember and focus and create clarity. There is physical evidence obtained from MRI scans which prove that regular practice of mindful meditation increases your ability to hold advance thinking patterns that support and strengthen your outlook in all situations

Note: Practicing mindfulness daily for 10-15 minutes can enhance your ability to learn and remember new information, helping you to improve life skills.

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