Bliss Sessions

30 Minutes of Mindfulness


Everyone can Meditate! 

Bliss drop-in group sessions offer a means of creating a healthy, happy and creative atmosphere that promotes healthy connections.

Harvard psychiatrist and researcher Dr. Elizabeth Home said, “Meditation is considered to be the new anti-aging therapy!”

Meditation is a stress reduction technique practiced for twenty minutes, twice a day. It’s designed to bring bliss and uplevel your life.

What if I can’t stop my mind from thinking?

That’s ok! No one can give their mind a command to stop thinking, instead, we use mantras and breathing techniques to induce deep rest which is very healing for the body. It’s simple, you just need a bit of instruction.

Why Bliss meditation?

Originally created for people with busy minds and busy lives, this style of meditation easily integrates into daily life. Both effortless and enjoyable, it only takes a chair and twenty minutes to do less and accomplish more.

What if exercise is my meditation?

Exercise is a fantastic compliment to meditation, but it’s not the same thing as meditation. Meditation delivers deep rest to the mind and body, reducing stress from the nervous system.

What is a mantra?

In Sanskrit, “Man” means mind and “Tra,” means vehicle. A mantra literally translates to “mind vehicle,” helping to settle both mind and body to access that space in between thoughts.

Is this a religion?

No, Bliss Meditation is a stress-reducing tool. We have zero interest in telling you how to live your life. We have a lot of interest in giving you the tools to help you act in accordance with what you already know to be true.

Research has shown that the benefits of Mediation, include:

Lower Stress Levels

Improved Focus

Clears Everyday Frustration


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