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Problems are often obscured by an overload of information. Clarify and isolate the challenge you face by spending time understanding and defining the problem. Can you simplify it down to 10 words, 5 words, or even 3?


Writer Ernest Hemingway famously laid down a challenge to write a story in six words. Try it, or update this to a Twitter challenge and write an entire story in just 140 characters.


The act of altering how something is viewed can reveal new possibilities and ideas.
This can be achieved by seeking every possible viewpoint and shifting context—by taking things from their usual home and placing them somewhere completely different.
Boxes of wire scrubbing pads and cans of soup are familiar items in a supermarket. There are unmade beds in every teenager’s bedroom, and dead cows and sheep can be found in the back of every butcher’s shop. But put them in an art gallery and they are big news. Nearly 100 years ago, Marcel Duchamp was the first artist to realize that such repositioning could have an impact when his submission to an art exhibition of a porcelain urinal laid flat on its back cause an enormous scandal.


Make the unremarkable remarkable—go to a building materials store and find an inexpensive object that, through repositioning in the home, finds a surprising new purpose.

love through meditation


We see most things—objects, buildings, spaces, materials, technology, and systems—through the lens of habit and familiarity. We take them for granted, overlooking numerous other possibilities. Combat the mind’s tendency to assume that something can only function in a familiar way. Asking yourself “What else can I do with this?” will lead to new discoveries and ideas.


Turn rubbish into gold—take all the junk mail that comes through your letter box and turn it into something of great value. What else can you do with a newspaper?

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