Chrissie Mclean, the founder of Bliss Sessions, she is passionate about people and has invested her life in helping busy people get the answers they need to create a life they love.


She has been a qualified business and life coach for over 6 years, with clients in America and Australia. Her passion came about after suffering a brain injury in her early 20s.

Due to the extent of the damage, Chrissie moved away from the 9-5 workload and went back into studying. Initially, she studied psychology, counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy. This then leads her to continue her studies in meditation, mindfulness, reiki, and Buddhism.


Chrissie has 8 years Meditation experience, Chrissie studied various traditions and techniques in the U.K. through, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Connective Healing, and Hypnosis. Chrissie is now studying Buddhism and is an avid learner, at Manchester Buddhism Centre,

-She did what Oprah Winfrey said

Listen to the rhythm of your own calling and follow that


Bliss Sessions has been created to help busy people create direction, focus, clarity, and creativity in thought. Mindfulness practices allow you to develop a mindset that grows to expand through experience. Creativity is very simple and when used in a mindful way is an effective tool to the mind. Bliss Sessions uses creative understandings to produce new results.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” according to Albert Einstein.


There are different types of meditation techniques but not all promote creative thinking. So, to polish your creative side of the brain, make sure to practice Mindfulness daily.

If you would like to book a one to one session with Chrissie, she has some limited availability.

To find out about appointments and how working with Chrissie can help you make positive changes in your life.




What my friends say about me…

I worked with Chrissie to identify, what was blocking me from making the next move, in my business. I’m creating a co-working space in Kibera, Kenya. My mind had become chaos, in realizing how to achieve the goals required in making the right choices, creating priorities was the first part of the session. through a balance of both a intuition and business intellect to understand how business works through passion. I identified: – the business needs – Where my intuition was guiding me to focus – how to clear the belief systems which were holding my business back
Software Developer in Kenya

Mikael lindqvistWebsite Developer/ Musician

Chrissie cuts right through to the truth, her experiences have set her up for the most incredible journey to be working with people around the globe supporting them to step into the highest versions of themselves. Chrissie is full of wisdom and is transparent with the work she does, I am so blessed to continually work with her.

Aleigha CoxEvent Planner, Facilitator, Speaker

Having experienced myself 100 years for now was one of the biggest realizations I’ve ever had. It is truly a Bliss to understand through love. Thank you Chrissie for your amazing service to humanity.

Marco Peralta
Marco PeraltaEnergy WorkerStarSeed Twins

-Sam has made a huge decision to recreate his life doing what he loves; he studied for over six years to become a doctor, his passion has always been computer programming. Chrissie helped me to recognize myself in my decision, guiding me to become focused and directed in my thoughts allowed me to create the future I dreamed off while letting go of all that no longer served my highest potential. Her mentoring showed I me how my thoughts didn’t support my actions. Chrissie’s work helped me to cut through the problems I faced and showed me how to determined, my own truth
sam software developer

Samuel TirtawidjajaWeb Developer
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