I have been attending Chrissie mindfulness and meditation classes for a few months now.
I feel immensely relaxed and comfortable to face the week ahead!
The sessions start with a discussion and it’s really nice to think about myself and what are my goals for being happy and secure.
Then we meditate and it is just the most freeing feeling to just think about your breath and be in the moment without all the usual stresses of everyday life!
Thank you, Chrissie,

Laura Malbon

Thanks to one of Chrissie’s guided meditation audio files, I was able to create a good morning routine. With this as a foundation, I have been able to deal with addiction problems and grow personally and spiritually in many ways. It was the catalyst for a life-changing experience!

Mikael Lindqvist

I spent a long time fighting with myself, fighting with a past that felt present even though it wasn’t… After realising that saying I’m okay. Meant the quite opposite. I went on a mission to.find a way out… And I found Christine X

Working with Chrissie has been a breath of fresh air,… I genuinely feel refreshed and on a new path! Christine is very wise and her knowledge is vast;
I can see and feel everywhere she has been, simply because her ways of communication are heightened on an entirely new level.
After such a short space of time with her… I feel like I am with her for the rest of her life.

Haidee Dunn

Started meditation for a few weeks now and a little skeptical at first to see if it would work. Found it really hard to get going and maintain a daily session. However, the encouragement and feedback is been amazing. I felt so low and a dark cloud over my head. I now feel so positive and even my manager at work said how different I am. I take my hat off to Chrissie’s persistence and dedication to help me get through it. Can’t wait for the next session and highly recommend anyone who’s not tried this form of therapy it is very powerful. Gratitude is now my mantra.

Jon Marks

Mindfulness and Meditation

a new lease of life, giving you time,

a space to heal,

without judgment,

without pressure.

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